Glenwood Mason Supply Company Inc.
4100 Glenwood Road • Brooklyn, New York 11210 • Tel 718.859.6500 • Fax 718.859.0989


When planning to build, renovate or redesign, a trip to our showroom should be at the top of your “to do” list.

We invite you to explore our 4500 square foot showroom, where we hope to delight and inspire you.

We have full size patio displays featuring brick and concrete pavers, and such details as a masonry fire pit and barbeque. We have garden ornaments, flowerpots and benches, as well as steps and balustrades made of granite, limestone and precast concrete. The only thing missing is you!

Our brick library showcases a variety of bricks and “thin bricks” (1/2” thick) on mortared boards and panels, as well as in actual walls. We display bricks laid in many different patterns, and featuring different styles of mortar joints. We also present different decorative accents such as cornerstones, arches and brick quoins.

If you’re looking for stucco, you’ve come to the right place. We carry both acrylic and conventional Portland cement stucco. We have sample walls on display featuring a variety of colors.

We also have a set-in-place wall montage of natural and cultured stone, where you can select just the right stone to create the desired character and style of your project.

For the Do-It-Yourselfer, we have a large screen TV continuously playing instructional videos on installation of the various product lines we carry. See your home and garden transformed before your very eyes with our Virtual Mason and DesignScape technologies. Virtual Mason allows you to see a variety of bricks and colored mortars on different style homes, from classic to contemporary. With DesignScape we can import a digital photo of your existing patio or driveway and create the outdoor living area of your dreams!

In our casual and comfortable showroom, you can relax beside our amazing waterfall, crafted of handmade brick, while you make your selection from our extensive displays.